Frequently Asked Questions
Questions About Technical Consultation
Q1 . How can I request your machining services or a quote?
Please give us your part drawings first. We can then consider an optimal forming process or submit a quote.Feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements even if your part design is not yet determined. Click here to contact us for detailed information.
- Reference page ("Technical Consultation (from inquiry onwards)")
Q2 . Can you help us consider designing parts to be manufactured by the heading process
        to streamline our operations?
Our sales representatives can suggest a solution.Please feel free to contact us by clicking here.
Q3 . What is the minimum lot when mass-producing parts?
In the case of the heading process, the larger the quantities, the more beneficial the process is likely to be, so we usually machine at least several tens of thousands of parts per lot.
Q4 . How long will it take for you to submit a quote?
We will submit a quote by the next day after your inquiry if the parts are easy to produce. If the parts have a complicated shape, or if the process involves forming special materials or includes several steps, it may take a week or two for us to submit a quote.
Q5 . What is your turnaround time for prototyping?
Usually about three weeks to one month, although it depends on the shape of the prototype and the materials used. Our turnaround time can also vary depending on the availability of the process. Our sales representatives will notify you of the exact delivery date after your order has been confirmed.
Q6 . What is your production capacity?
We can produce several tens of thousands to several hundreds of millions of parts per month, depending on the size of parts and the models of the machines used. We can also manufacture built equipment in-house to expand our production capacity. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.
Q7 . What is your standard lead time, from order placement to product delivery?
Our standard lead time for custom products is about two weeks to one month, although it depends on the quantity. In the case of standard products, the lead time will be about one day to two weeks.
Q8 . Where can I find your sales locations (branch offices)? What are your business hours?
You can see our sales locations by clicking here.
Our business hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 5:45 p.m.
Q9 . Can you tell me about your business continuity plan (BCP) and disaster recovery plan?
Please contact us for detailed information by clicking here.
Q10. Do you offer international delivery?
Yes. We can deliver products to countries around the world. (For inquiries about international delivery, contact our service desk by clicking here.)