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Easy, secure and speedy fastening

A blind rivet can fasten workpieces together with access to only one side of them. The ideal application in which to use a blind rivet is when the rear of the joint is not accessible with a jig, when the product is sealed up,or when the product is large and hard to handle.


Fastened with access to only one side of assembly

A blind rivet is very high in fastening reliability and used for various uses in various industries. It securely fastens dissimilar materials low in weldability, such as aluminum and iron.


Reliable fastening

Using an inexpensive hand tool, the initial investment is low


Reduction in initial investment

A blind rivet is very easy to fasten even for a novice. The rivet can be fastened easily, securely and quickly using a lightweight hand tool.


Easy fastening requiring no skill

A semi-tubular rivet can be easily and quickly fastened using a rivet setter without any special skills.


Rivet design tailored to specific purpose

A Semi-tubular rivet does not loosen easily and that provides reliable fastening. The rivet installation can be checked visually.


Stable and reliable fastening

Using the rivet instead of screw, bolt or nut; the assembly efficiency can be drastically improved.


Improvement in working efficiency

Semi-tubular rivets can be made of various materials. They can be tailored to various requirements, such as conductivity and decorative design.


No work hole required

The self-piercing rivet pierces through the materials while fastening them together. A work hole does not need to be made in advance.


Secure fastening of dissimilar materials

The rivet securely fastens dissimilar materials low in weldability, such as aluminum and iron.


Perfect for fastening color steel plates

The self-piercing rivet fastens materials without heating and repainting after fastening is not required.


Clean fastening friendly to working environment

Fastening with a self-piercing rivet does not cause sparks, smoke or riveting swarf.It is a clean fastening technique friendly to working environment.


Fastening at normal temperature without heating

It is a plastic semi-tubular rivet that can be fastened at normal temperature.


Spring back structure for anti-loosening

The spring back structures of the head and the buck-tail prevent loosening of a fastened rivet, common to .plastic rivets.


Suitable for eco-friendlyproducts

The rivet is made of polyacetal (POM) and it comes in a wide selection of colors.


Suitable for eco-friendlyproducts

Using this rivet instead of a metal fastener, a manufacturer can develop a product that is environmentally friendly and requires no waste sorting, such as an all-plastic office product.


“The Quiet work sound is Friendly to workers.


High-speed and powerful fastening capability


Equipped with an automatic rivet feeder


“Maintenance-free safe design

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