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Fastening at normal temperature without heating

It is a plastic semi-tubular rivet that can be fastened at normal temperature.


Spring back structure for anti-loosening

The spring back structures of the head and the buck-tail prevent loosening of a fastened rivet, common to .plastic rivets.



The rivet is made of polyacetal (POM) and it comes in a wide selection of colors.


Using this rivet instead of a metal fastener, a manufacturer can develop a product that is environmentally friendly and requires no waste sorting, such as an all-plastic office product.

Fastening process
Fastening process Movie about Plastic Rivet
Rivet Type

Roll-up Rivet  |  Plastic Rivet

Plastic Rivet type: Roll-up Rivet
Fastening Movie
Features The plastic semi-tubular rivet is fastened at normal temperature. It won't loosen easily.Various colors are available.
Specification table Roll-up Rivet
Strength table

e-POWER Rivet  |  e-POWER Rivet

e-POWER Rivet
Fastening Movie
Features It has twice the fastening strength of the roll-up rivet.
Specification table e-POWER rivet
Strength table
Application examples
PLASTIC RIVET / Application examples:Returnable Container
PLASTIC RIVET / Application examples:Sample book
PLASTIC RIVET / Application examples:File folder
PLASTIC RIVET / Application examples:Calender
PLASTIC RIVET / Application examples: Returnable Container
PLASTIC RIVET / Application examples: Sample book
PLASTIC RIVET / Application examples: File folder
PLASTIC RIVET / Application examples: Calender
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■ Shape and symbols of standard dimensions


■ Calculation of under-head shank length

■ Fastening using spring back


■ Specification table

■ Strength table


■ Chemical properties of polyacetal (POM)

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