Plastic Rivets
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Plastic Rivet Basics

Fastening at room temperature with no added heat

Plastic semi-tubular rivets can be fastened at room temperature.


"Spring back" design prevents loosening after fastening

The elastic spring back of the head and curl prevent loosening of the fastened rivet.


Various colors available

Fukui Byora's line of plastic rivets are made of polyacetal (POM) and come in a wide range of colors.


Improved recyclability for final assemblies

By using plastic rivets instead of other metal fasteners, a final product can be made easier to recycle / eliminate the need for separating metals and plastics.

Fastening with Plastic Rivets

Roll-up Rivet

Plastic Rivets
The roll-up plastic semi-tubular rivet is fastened at room temperature and will not loosen easily after fastening.Comes in a variety of colors.

e-POWER Rivet

e-POWER Rivet
The e-POWER rivet provides twice the fastening strength of the roll-up plastic rivet.
Example Applications for Plastic Rivets
Plastic Rivets: Example Applications
Reusable boxes Plastic rivets are used to assemble reusable containers (often made of corrugated plastic) where the rivets must be durable enough to withstand heavy use. Using plastic rivets allows these reusable containers to be made entirely of plastic which makes them easier to recycle.
Plastic Rivets: Example Applications
Sample books Roll-up plastic rivets are used in sample books (heavy duty file folders) to make them easier to recycle after use.
Plastic Rivets: Example Applications
File folders Rivets made of plastic, rather than metal, allow products to be made entirely of plastic. This enables the products to be recycled, rather than being disposed of (or incinerated).
Plastic Rivets: Example Applications
Calenders Switching from metal to plastic rivets can allow some products like file folders to be made entirely of plastic making it possible to recycle instead of throwing them away.
Plastic Rivets Images
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Catalog Contents

■ Shape and symbols of standard dimensions


■ Calculation of under-head shank length

■ Fastening using spring back


■ Specification table

■ Strength table


■ Chemical properties of polyacetal (POM)