Plastic e-Power rivets, are not only able to fasten at room temperature, but also are about twice as strong as our other plastic based (roll-up) rivets. Various plastic materials other than POM (polyacetar) are also possible allowing the fastening to correspond to the completed product’s intended function.


    1.Room temperature processing
    e-Power rivets are resin based rivets that can be processed at room temperature without heating.
    2.Supports variety of colors
    e-Power rivets can be based on a variety of plastic materials other than POM, with each having the possibility of a variety of colors.
    3.Twice the tensile strength of other solutions
    e-Power rivets offer approximately twice the fastening tensile strength as our other offerings(*).
    (*)Compared to our Roll-up rivet.
    4.Environmentally conscious products
    Roll-up rivets offer the possibility of switching from metal based to plastic based materials, often used in stationary products such as binders and disposable household commodities, thereby eliminating the need for waste separation and allowing the planning of more completely environmentally friendly products.
    5.Improved efficiency
    e-Power rivets, when used in conjunction with our recommended rivet setter product (RS512), offer improved processing and work efficiency.