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International Internship Program - Projects 2020-2021

Expanding functions of our Business Intelligence Tool (BI Tool)
Planning Room, General Affairs
Internship Period
Probable Start: May 2020, Probable End: April 2021
Expanding functions of our Business Intelligence Tool (BI Tool)

* Applicant must send some source code (for instance, from a project) when applying
  • This project requires proficiency in programming at an intermediate level.
  • The candidate will be responsible for writing new code and producing results similar to that of full-time employees.
  • The current BI Tool was built by a previous intern 6 years ago. The BI tool accesses several databases, retrieving information relating to the cost of production. It can show its data in various graphs and charts.
The project goal is to add a function that makes matrix charts displaying numbers of the original data of an existing graph in each product and each process. This will be used as reference data to calculate the estimated cost of production. (We calculate it on an Excel file.)

Depends on progress, the candidate may try to add another function that compares estimated cost of production with actual cost of production by linking up the function with data of actual cost.
Must have skills
(Must be Proficient Level)
  • VB.NET, SQL, Oracle PL/SQL
  • Must be familiar with SQL and Oracle Databases
Desired Skills
  • Good understanding of general accounting, production management, and industrial engineering.
  • Business level Japanese a plus.
Work Location
Fukui pref. (Hokuriku District)