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Corporate Policy
1.To advance the technology of cold forming and challenge the limits of shaping metal parts through this process
2.To develop innovative technologies by excelling in originality and creativity
As the global leader in the cold forming industry, we have established our top quality and environmental principles with the aim of further developing the Fukui Byora Brand.

* Production and quality exceeding customer satisfaction, delighting our customers

* Safe and reliable production that fulfills recognized Corporate Social Responsibility

* High efficiency and clean production, aiming for an environmentally conscious company

Quality Policy
Unceasingly devoted to “Quality first”, exceeding our customers' satisfaction and earning their trust
【Action Priority】
1.Continuous improvement of our products and services
2.Continual reduction in costs and increase in production speed and efficiency
3.Continual implementation and expansion of environmentally conscious production
Environmental Policy
Adhere to policies that protect and act in harmony with the environment (Working with a strong commitment that is consistent with environmental laws and protection of the environment)
【Action Priority】
1.Efficient use of energy
2.Reduction of metal waste
3.Expansion of environmentally conscious activities
4.Meeting our goal of 2000 consecutive days without any environmental incidents
 * Initial date of the period of 2000 days commenced on October 14, 2014 and will continue until April 5, 2020
As CEO of Fukui Byora I wish to confirm our company's commitment to the principles mentioned above, as well as our dedication to the continuous pursuit of optimizing and exceeding our customers' requirements and protecting the environment. Yukio Uchimoto, CEO
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