Corporate Social Responsibility
Social Action Program

Factory Tour

At Fukui Byora, we feel that offering factory tours is a positive component of our contribution to society. In 2011, approximately 850 people toured our facilities, including students (from elementary, middle school, high school, and university), industry exchange program participants and citizen groups. Participants in our factory tours gain an introduction to our products and can see our process of manufacturing precision metal parts and the final products which are usually behind the scenes as components in end-user products. We aim to create an interest in manufacturing, perhaps lighting the spark in the next generation of talented industrial engineers and contribute to all of society.

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Industry Academic Government cooperation

Through industry, academic, and government cooperation and collaboration, private enterprise utilizes the research results and technology which universities and institutions obtain. Fukui Byora's future is fostered in these cooperative research and development activities, giving us entirely new technologies for mutual benefit.

Direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC)

Through such cooperation, a new fuel cell system using an aluminum electrode was developed. Until this evolution, carbon electrodes carrying the main current were thin and fragile, prone to cracking. By adopting aluminum material as the electrode, it is now possible to increase the durability. Of course, using metal in such a way would normally be susceptible to rust, but with plating technology developed in Fukui Bryora, (a carbon membrane less than 0.3 millimicrons thick), such corrosion is prevented. Primary research is continuing, our target is introducing entirely new conceptions of fuel cell systems to the battery industry.

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"Wearable" keyboard

Another breakthrough is the "wearable" fabric keyboard, with connecting technology developed by Fukui Byora. Conductive fiber is combined with the electronic circuit substrate, solving difficulties such as heat and insufficient strength which are drawbacks of traditional soldering methods. Our method does away with soldering altogether, while maintaining the continuity features, making high strength possible. The industrial applications of "wearable technology" in such areas as wireless installation are expected to be substantial. We will continue our cooperative development initiatives in order for this potential to be fulfilled.

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International internship

From 2005, we have implemented an international internship program, bringing overseas foreign university student interns to our company. The interns come from various countries such as the USA, Canada, and the UK and they are offered an opportunity for employment experience in a Japanese manufacturing environment. Fukui Byora aims toward continual growth as a global enterprise and to strengthen the overall creative and talent pool. In addition, through the internship system the interns themselves can acquire important experience, gain opportunity to learn the Japanese language and culture, and practical skill in their chosen field of study and employment.

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Internship program mechanism
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